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  • Cocoa Jam with fruits
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spanish cheese

figs & plums in syrup                                         

preserved figs in syrup preserved figs with marc de cava preserved plums with marc de cava


rose petal jelly earl grey tea jelly

cocoa collection

fig jam with cocoa pear and ginger jam with cocoa mango jam with cocoa raspberry jam with cocoa orange marmalade with cocoa apple jam with cocoa


pear and ginger chutney golden apple chutney mango chutney ratatouille chutney tomato chutney caramelized onion chutney fig chutney dried plum chutney


light strawberry jam light apricot jam light peach jam light plum jam

four seasons

spring fruit jam summer fruit jam autumn fruit jam winter fruit jam
apricot jam jam with Colombian coffee raspberry jam strawberry jam wild berry jam kiwi and banana jam lemon jam lemon, orange, and grapefruit jam golden apple jam peach jam melon and watermelon jam blueberry jam blackberry jam sweet orange marmalade bitter orange marmalade pear jam fig jam tomato jam carrot jam plum jam Caramelized pepper jam

the classic collection


mini apricot jam mini pear jam mini raspberry jam mini fig jam mini cherry jam

roasted vegetables

escalivada (roasted vegetables) red pepper

natural dark beef extract

natural dark beef base

spanish sauces

allioli sauce (garlic mayonnaise) xató sauce brava sauce romesco sauce aragon black olive pâté arbequina olive pâté
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