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To fill tarts! And to enhance the flavour of rice dishes with prawns or seafood (Prawn mousse) or as an enhancer for risotto (Boletus and goat’s cheese mousse).

Palamós prawn


130 g


The Palamós prawn is a great local product from the Costa Brava, with which we make this delicious and aromatic mousse, designed as an aperitif to dip or to fill pastry tarts and, even, to round off a good rice dish with prawns or seafood to enrichen its flavour.


Semi-skimmed milk, PRAWN from Palamós (Aristeus antennatus) 26% (contains SULPHITES), olive oil, potato starch and salt.

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Nutritional 100g

Energy 129kJ/31Kcal, Fat 2,0g, of which, saturates 0,4g, Carbohydrate 1,6g, of which, sugars 0,7g, Protein 1,5g, Salt 0,55g

boletus and

goat’s cheese mousse

130 g


Boletus and goat’s cheese blended together in this mousse with its fine texture that it is very pleasant on the palate. We recommend tasting as is with toast dips or some crudités, and it is even great to dress a good plate of fresh pasta like spaghetti or tagliatelle.


Semi-skimmed MILK, wild Boletus edulis 16%, onion, sunflower oil, 5.3% GOAT CHEESE, potato starch and salt

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Nutritional 100g

Energy 103kJ/25Kcal, Fat 1,9g, of which, saturates 0,4g, Carbohydrate 1,2g, of which, sugars 0,6g, Protein 0,6g, Salt 0,37g

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Single flavour display
12 units x 130 g

Mixed display
6 units x 2 flavours